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It’s a Brave New World at BARIN!


We are excited to announce that our first in-house virtual week was a success! The event was an opportunity for colleagues to share their knowledge about new technological tools that will be implemented in our offices. Part of the programming included an exploration of virtual reality and drone photogrammetry. It is fair to say that the entire office is looking forward to further integration of these technologies and BIM tools in the near future!

Our New Partners!


On behalf of our BIM Director Dario Silva and the entire BIM team, we are very happy to announce that BARIN is now an official partner of BIM Quebec! Our logo is now installed next to those of companies with a significant BIM trajectory and our goal as a team will be to become important players in the digital shift!
Advantages: Groupe BIM du Québec (GBQ) is for anyone from any professional background who wants to share or gain experience in BIM and technologies, regardless of their role in the supply chain (customers, contractors, architects, engineers, fabricators, etc.). The goal is to meet in an environment conducive to exchanges and feedback.
Click here to learn more…(in French only)

Who Says Snow Days are Just for Kids?


Hoping to alleviate the stress of confinement and isolation for the second year in a row, BARIN treated the team to some snow day therapy once again! Yet another paid day off with an entertainment budget! Sharing the day’s adventures with a glass of wine at an online 5 à 7 was almost as much fun as the event itself! And there were plenty of photos and movies to prove it!

An Appointment to the Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal


We are very pleased and proud to announce the appointment of Basel Abbara, architect specializing in heritage conservation, to the Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal.
Basel has unique expertise in the rehabilitation and restoration of heritage structures. His specialty allows him to do compliance analyses of the main architectural elements to be evaluated and to develop in-depth studies.
Working within our firm, Basel is leading projects for the restoration of envelopes as well as major rehabilitations of CSSDM schools, detailed with significant architectural features.

The Holidays Sparkle at BARIN!


Our annual Christmas Party spared no luxury from bubbles and oysters to a Covid-cautious spin on the dance floor! Live music from the Great American Songbook set the mood for this Great Gatsby-themed evening from the Roaring Twenties. Sequins glittered and bow ties impressed! A warm and festive start to the holiday season…

What’s with all the Cowboy Hats?


Our annual retreat began with a roundup brunch at the PHI Centre and an informative presentation on the structure and vision for the company. Divided into teams, we then headed out across the city on foot with a map of clues which led all of us ‘’space cowboys’’ to a VR art exhibit at the Arsenal Contemporary Art Gallery. After our life-like ‘’virtually real’’ venture into outer space, we landed at the Riverside Bar St-Henri for an evening of food and drink, music, dancing and (fake) gun twirling!

Qualification Achieved!


BARIN is very pleased to have qualified for submittal of service offers for the development of McGill University’s research laboratories, development and repairs, asset maintenance as well as other varied expertise and traditional architectural services.

A Bike Tour for Sustainability


Part of our team recently participated in a new bike tour organized by the CaGBC-Qc. It took place at Frédéric-Back Park in St-Michel, a bold transformation of a former limestone quarry, then waste landfill site, into an immense green space. The event itself was a rally and learning exercise providing clues at various points around the park related to how LEED objectives had been integrated into projects and buildings on the site. Teams were formed to explore and discover its secrets in a slightly competitive but fun and friendly atmosphere!

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FORMES Magazine Addresses Housing for our Seniors


In their most recent issue, FORMES magazine examines the potential positive impact of ethical and programmatic considerations and innovations on the quality of life for our elderly. We are honoured to have contributed to the thoughtful debate of a team of talented professionals of various disciplines, awakened and alarmed by the tragic losses incurred during the early months of Covid.

A New Addition for Anna Laberge Hospital


BARIN, in consortium with LLA Architecture, has won the mandate to design a temporary addition to the Anna Laberge Hospital in Chateauguay. This new 1875 m² building will provide a medical care unit and a short-stay hospital unit, including 15 double-bed rooms and 10 stretcher alcoves. In addition, a psychiatric crisis intervention unit with 5 beds will be set up in a separate space inside the complex.

Six New Mandates for the CSMV!


BARIN, in consortium with Ruccolo Faubert architectes, has been awarded 6 school projects for Centre de services scolaire Marie-Victorin which will take place over the coming 4 years. This mandate includes additions to Rabeau, St-Laurent, and Normandie elementary schools, as well as Lucille-Teasdale High School in Brossard. New construction has also been mandated for an elementary school in St-Hubert, and demolition and reconstruction of the elementary school located at 790 Quinn Blvd. in Longueuil. Our team is thrilled with these new opportunities and is looking forward to many stimulating and creative challenges ahead!

It’s Time for a Break!


It’s time for a well-deserved summer vacation everyone! Enjoy, sit back and take in the beautiful summer weather! BARIN’s offices will be closed from July 19th until August 2nd, but there will be a few dedicated souls holding the fort! See you smiling, recharged and ready-to-go in August!

Please Support the Défi BARIN!


BARIN Architecture + Design is proud to launch the Défi BARIN from June 16 to August 31, 2021 for the benefit of Résilience Montréal – a non-profit day shelter that offers food, a place to sleep, clean clothes and support for people experiencing homelessness. The Défi BARIN is calling upon our team to collectively rack up 10,000 km by foot, bike, or paddle — the equivalent of a Montreal – Vancouver round trip! Resembling a relay race, all BARIN participants are united in this noble cause in order to raise a total amount of $5,000 for this benevolent organization. Once that threshold is reached, BARIN will pledge an additional $5,000!

SO on your marks! Get set! And click here to GIVE!

A Guided Tour of Montoni’s CHSLD Laval


Part of our team, some live and some virtual, toured the construction site of our CHSLD Laval project. An interesting characteristic of this stage of the project is its 22 identical residential units, called clusters or neighbourhoods, which are each at a different level of completion. On some floors, only the concrete structure of the cluster is present, and on others, the partitions are already assembled and painted! A fast and efficient management of this 20,000 m2 (215,000 ft2) project.
With an eye on the most innovative concepts in living environments for our seniors, this long-term care home will accommodate 242 residents and adapt to their changing needs and modalities of care.

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The Suroît Hospital Emergency Addition is Completed!


The Suroît Hospital in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield has a brand-new addition to its emergency department! The temporary expansion offers a short-stay hospital unit with ten double rooms and an open area with ten short-stay hospital stretchers. Despite the challenges and constraints presented by the Covid pandemic, through adaptability and cooperation, the BARIN team succeeded brilliantly at the completion of this project!

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A Snow Day at Barin – Even When it Isn’t!


The pandemic winter has been long and difficult for everyone, so in an effort to alleviate the stress of confinement and isolation, BARIN treated the team to some snow day therapy! Everyone enjoyed a paid day off with an entertainment budget! The only catch? To share the day’s adventures with our colleagues! The event was followed by an online 5 à 7 where photos and movies of the day were presented!

4 New Imaging Devices for the Neuro


The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is recognized worldwide both for the quality of its care and for the innovation of its medical research. Eager to support its program of best practices in research and treatment related to brain imaging, the MUHC will install 4 new medical imaging devices over the next 4 to 5 years. A global feasibility study will be carried out by BARIN beforehand.

Knowledge Sharing from our Heritage Expert


At the request of the Centre de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM), our heritage specialist, architect Basel Abbara, recently gave a presentation entitled: ”Evaluation, Diagnosis and Restoration of the Heritage Building Envelope’’, to the team of their Material Resources Department.

With a Ph.D. in urban planning, 18 years as an OAQ member and 23 years practice with a Masters in building conservation, Basel’s love of and interest in the heritage of all time periods has led him to be our ”go-to’’ person for the design, repair and restoration of building envelopes.

BARIN Wins CHSLD Alphonse-Rondeau Renovation Project


Awarded by the CISSS de Lanaudière, this mandate will be divided into two parts. The first will involve several asset maintenance projects and the second will address functional renovation work. Replacement of floor finishes; handrail, electrical, ventilation and air-conditioning upgrades; expansion of the 2nd and 3rd floors, addition of kitchenettes and the development of a living garden are a few of the projects outlined.

3 Envelope Repairs for the CSSDM


The Centre de services scolaire de Montréal (formerly the Commission scolaire de Montréal) has mandated BARIN with envelope repairs for the Louise-Trichet, Boucher-De La Bruère et Philippe-Labarre schools. The bulk of the work includes the repair of masonry and curtain walls, replacement of exterior doors and windows, replacement of exterior lighting, and the upgrading of concrete ramps and stairs.

We are on the List! Again!


BARIN has requalified to respond to mandates by the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) for categories of work of 300K$ and more, including: correction of obsolescence; building upgrades; functional changes and installation of new medical equipment. The qualification will last for a period of 36 months and will serve the CHUM, CRCHUM pavilions S, the Hôtel-Dieu, the administrative pavilion, and the Édouard-Asselin pavilion.

Rethinking Housing for Seniors in Quebec


Recently, our company’s founder, Siamak Barin, was delighted to be able to contribute to a virtual round table and web platform. The event was offered by the Fayolle-Magil Construction Chair in Architecture, Building and Sustainability, in collaboration with FORMES magazine, and was spurred by the recent and tragic losses due to the Covid pandemic. The discussion and debate were on ethical and programmatic considerations in planning for our elderly, and brought together a wide spectrum of knowledge from various disciplines and industry sectors as well as the seniors themselves.

Chateauguay’s Louis-Philippe-Paré High School to Expand


Although the construction of a new secondary school is planned for the year 2024-2025, a new 3-phase modular complex will be constructed in response to an overflow of student registrations expected during the next 5 years. The Grandes-Seigneuries School Service Centre (CSSGS) has mandated BARIN to oversee the acquisition of the modular buildings, and to redevelop certain existing premises as well as the school’s civil infrastructure. The addition will consist of 27 regular classrooms, 3 art classes, 3 laboratories, 3 sports facilities as well as offices and their related premises.

She’s Back!


We are absolutely delighted to welcome our beloved Maria Araujo back to the company after more than a 10-year absence! Many of our clients may remember her from the days at our offices on boulevard St-Laurent, as she was the warm smile at the reception desk and the glue that kept the office running smoothly. Maria’s new role will be similar but more specifically to manage and oversee larger and more intricate challenges as the company and its demands continue to grow. Welcome back Maria!

École St-Noël-Chabanel Published in the AAPPQ Reference Manual!


The gymnasium renovation project at École St-Noël-Chabanel has been chosen for the AAPPQ Reference Manual. A joint venture with Smith Vigeant Architectes, this project keeps drawing interest! Congratulations to the whole team!

Click here to visit the article.

photo: Vincent Brillant

Things are Moving at BARIN!


BARIN feels very happy and fortunate to welcome four new team members to the firm! Acielle Barros brings 14 years experience as architect and project manager topped with a passion for healthcare and site supervision. Technologist Francis Plante’s comfort with REVIT and love of 3D modelling, is rivalled only by Katherine’s love of every aspect of the role! And Arturo? Well, he has a rich and varied background having worked as technician in Columbia and Italy as well as France! Welcome everyone!

It’s Well Underway!


Our BARIN team in consortium with Jodoin Lamarre Pratt is continuing its work for the construction of the extension of the blue line of the Montreal metro. We thank all the members of this wonderful team for their dedication and their great adaptability demonstrated during these challenging times.

A Lucky Bunch!


It was a beautiful windy day for our team reunion after a Covid distance that lasted almost 6 months! We “set sail” together toward the Boucherville Islands where we tied up and enjoyed an outdoor afternoon and evening of food, drink and dance along with an informative company presentation. It was great therapy to be able to reunite ”LIVE” with our colleagues, dance in the fresh air and burn off much pent-up energy after months of isolation. The BARIN team is feeling grateful!

New Classrooms and Study Locations for Concordia University


Located at the corner of Guy and Ste-Catherine streets, this transformation of approximately 1,700 m2 in the basement of the Faubourg Ste-Catherine tower is under construction. Ten new classrooms and study spaces at FB SS1 will replace those in the Hall Building during its renovations and will be used on a permanent basis to meet the growing educational needs of the University. Congratulations to Alejandro Ortega Stark, Bahareh Raissy, Marlène Bourque, Louise Antoni, Nadim Khoury, and Natalie Bérubé for the success of this unusual and stimulating project! Click here to learn more

Envelope Restoration for Four CSDM Schools is Complete!


Envelope restoration for the CSDM’s École Internationale de Montréal, École Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, and École Dollard-Des-Ormeaux are now complete. These 3 buildings are of exceptional heritage value and their massive brick walls, limestone and sandstone entrances ornamented with bas and high relief have been judiciously restored. Victor-Rousselot school, built in 1971 in the modern architectural style, has also undergone envelope work as well as a cheerful facelift!

Our BIM and IT Departments are in Good Hands!


BARIN is pleased to announce the appointment of Amélie Montreuil as Director of BIM and IT Integration. Her expertise and unwavering interest in innovation and her speed of adaptation in a crisis situation, serve her well in a changing and unpredictable field. Amélie’s constant research ensures optimal interaction between our staff and technology and makes her an immeasurable asset to our team!
As Director, Amélie will ensure: compliance with BIM processes and standards; the development of modeling tools; assistance for the (future) team of BIM specialists; administrative management of all technological equipment; support and assessment of the needs of the IT team and implementation of new technologies.

Hôpital Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins


The consortium of BARIN + LLA ARCHITECTURE has been awarded the mandate to redesign the departments of Radiology and Medical Imaging at the B Wing, Level 1 of the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital in Cowansville. This is both BARIN’s and LLA’s second mandate for CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS.

Another New Director at Barin!


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alejandro Ortega Stark as Director of Architectural Coordination. Employed by our firm since 2008, Alejandro has distinguished himself through his diligence and the natural complicity he has formed with his colleagues. Already a gifted mentor, he is now officially called upon to promote communication between the teams in addition to ensuring consistent and high-quality design.

Mission Accomplished – and Delivered on Time!


The construction of Lot 1 of the temporary complex of the Suroît Hospital ends on June 10, as scheduled. Despite the recent government-imposed shutdown of construction sites, work has continued on what is now recognized as an “essential” project. Hats off to Construction Progex, a dedicated entrepreneur who quickly adapted and enforced new health protection measures on the site, as well as to the BARIN and EXP teams who ensured the supervision of the work required to complete this first phase. We are now looking forward to the bids for the construction of Lot 2, including the building envelope and the interior fittings of the addition, as well as renovations of the existing emergency room of the hospital.

Our Team Continues to Expand


BARIN is delighted to welcome four new professionals to our team! Our new Human Resources Coordinator, Manuel Bouchard, will assist the HR Department with recruitment and mobilization as well as coordination of continuing education activities. As BIM Manager, Amélie Montreuil will oversee the implementation of and compliance with BIM processes and will offer support for the development of modeling tools. Ji Young Chung continues his role as a technologist as does Thomas Cadieux-Ferland. Welcome aboard everyone!

De La Vérendrye School


Cut stone foundations and walls clad with brick end with a sheet metal parapet atop this 2-storey school, dating back to 1958. The building envelope has deteriorated over these many years, and now requires a complete refurbishment. Although most of the work will be done during the summer break, much of it will carry into the new school year, requiring judicious site management accounting for the 347 kindergarten, elementary and secondary school students who will occupy the space.

Suroît Hospital’s Temporary Addition is Now Essential Service


While Quebec construction sites have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Salaberry de Valleyfield’s Suroît Regional Hospital has had the go-ahead to continue construction of a temporary addition for a Brief and short-term hospitalization unit. What had begun as a temporary development using prefabricated modular-unit construction, has now become a standard-built temporary development through the approval of the Montérégie-Ouest Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSSMO). On behalf of everyone at BARIN Architecture + Design, we would like to say a sincere thank you to all the site workers on this project and other essential service sites, as well as all the hospital’s healthcare workers putting themselves at risk during this unprecedented time. (Click image to learn more – in french only)

Marguerite-De-Lajemmerais School


The Marguerite-De-Lajemmerais school was built in 1964 by architect Jean-Maurice Dubé in the Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie district. The 6-level secondary school for girls has two gymnasiums, an auditorium, a swimming pool, a library, and two cafeterias.
After nearly 60 years the roof and building envelope have deteriorated and are requiring repair. This quality-based mandate is amongst a number of CSDM projects awarded to BARIN in recent years.

Maison l’étincelle is Highlighted in Esquisses Magazine


Our architects Amélie Plourde and Karine Legault-Leblanc were interviewed by Esquisses Magazine on the highlights and challenges of creating a cutting-edge Alzheimer’s home:
See more:

The Pinel Institute to Upgrade


This internationally recognized institute of forensic psychiatry is requiring a property analysis to be done under the management of the Société Québécoise des infrastructures (SQI). A new clinical and academic plan will create a significant increase in staff and thus a measurable real estate impact. BARIN (in collaboration with TOPO and LLA architectes) has been selected to spearhead this analysis which will include: Patient and staff safety; transition from double to single occupancy units; upgrade of academic and research facilities; upgrade and improvement of the design of exterior courtyards; and reconfiguration of parking spaces.

A Nomination from the American Concrete Institute


Our repair and restoration project for the facades of the Decelles Pavilion of the HEC was nominated for the Award of Excellence in the Repair and Restoration Category!

Another Fun Evening at Écogénie


The 6th Edition of Écogénie, the benchmark quiz on sustainable building and the environment was held at Ædifica’s offices. This annual event is a great opportunity for professionals and others to test their knowledge of sustainable practices and learn the latest tips at keeping our planet green. Out of 9 participating teams, our congratulations go out to the team from Ædifica who placed first followed by MSDL/Pageau Morel. Bravo to Basel Abbara, Marie-Philippe Bergeron, Corinne Farazli, and Nadim Khoury who represented our team and placed third in the contest.

SJ2B Consortium Wins 6 Year Contract at the STM


SJ2B Consortium has been awarded the Major Asset Maintenance Program (GPMAM) by the STM. The winning consortium is made up of the architectural firms STGM, JLP, Bisson Fortin and BARIN. Spread over 6 years, this program will see the installation of new elevators and natural ventilation shafts at 12 metro stations, making these stations accessible and secure. The mandate also includes auxiliary structures, garages and workshops, step down substations and a new administration and logistics building.

And She Scores!


Things can get a little competitive around the office particularly in the back alley after a challenging day at work. What better way to let off some steam than through a friendly game of hockey and a little shot of vino to warm the bones!

A New Project is Underway at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital


In order to improve and facilitate the hospital’s management, BARIN and LLA Architectes will be collaborating on the design of new modular administrative buildings at its location in the East End. Construction is scheduled for September 2020.

Work is Complete at Saint-Noël-Chabanel School


The major renovation of the Découvreurs Pavilion of the Saint-Noël-Chabanel School has been completed to the delight of some very energetic young students! ÉQUIPE BARIN SMITH-VIGEANT strove to create a bright, comfortable and inspiring environment in this over 60-year-old institution. The envelope and structural repair, and renovation of its gymnasium wing, locker rooms and administrative offices has created a fresh new atmosphere at the core of this establishment which is one of the largest schools in the CSDM.

BARIN Wishes You Happy Holidays!


Best wishes from all of us at BARIN for a very happy holiday season and a prosperous 2020!

Starlight Volunteers


For more than 30 years, the Starlight Canada Children’s Foundation has been dedicated to lighting up the lives of critically ill children and their families. In an effort to give back, BARIN is thrilled to volunteer and raise funds for this foundation by wrapping gifts for weary Christmas shoppers each year during the holiday season.

15 Years Have Flown By!


Recently, our gang cheered two loyal and dedicated team members as they reached their 15-year milestone with BARIN! Leslie Turner and Renaud-Marc Pilote have been working together since very shortly after the company’s inception in 2002.

With over 35 years experience in the architectural field, Leslie has worked as a consultant for the firm in marketing and graphic design. Renaud-Marc has devoted himself to the design and meticulous oversight of a long list of projects, principally in the health care sector. He has been partner at the firm since 2015.

Thanks you two, for all you have done and continue to do!

BARIN Qualifies for the CHUM’s List of Suppliers


The Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal is one of two major healthcare networks in the city of Montreal. It is a french language teaching institute affiliated with the university and is one of the largest hospitals in Canada. BARIN is now on the list of qualified architectural professionals for a mandate of asset maintenance.

Meet Our New Roommates!


BARIN is looking forward to welcoming Karine Durocher, Claudia Fabbricatore and Marie-André Vandal from Vert Cube to our offices. Our collaboration has proven fruitful on several projects and we can’t wait to see what the new team challenges will bring!

Concordia’s Archive Offices are Complete!


This project involved the relocation of the Concordia University archives offices to the 8th floor of the FB Building. This new office space with its spectacular views offers a lounge, conference room and archive processing room which compliment the vaulted archive project underway in basement 1 of the FG Building..

L’école Sainte-Marie’s Addition is Inaugurated


The long-awaited addition for École Sainte-Marie-de-Saint-Boniface was inaugurated on Monday to the delight of parents who had fought determinedly for it for the past several years. Six brightly lit classrooms and a luminous gymnasium were added alleviating the stress of overcrowding and creating a new warm and welcoming learning environment for the children.

With the MP for Maskinongé Simon Allaire in attendance, the ribbon-cutting ceremony went off without a hitch. Congratulations to the community of St-Boniface and to the Commission scolaire de l’Énergie!

Go Dragons!


Another fun afternoon at the annual Dragon Boat Race! We didn’t come in first THIS time, but we arrived first for the after party! A great effort everybody and congratulations to ACDF who took first place over Provencher Roy by one second!

Laurentian Hospital’s Addition in Ste-Agathe is Complete


In an effort to serve the growing population of the Laurentian region, BARIN was mandated to design the interior fit-up of an addition for Saint-Agathe Laurentian Hospital. Located on the second floor, the 10-bed palliative care and 15-bed acute-care units surround a central technical block made up of nursing stations, internal offices, a conference room, a family room and various service rooms. The technical rooms for the electromechanical services of the addition and certain functions of the existing hospital are located on the ground floor.

Universal Accessibility: Next Stop Villa Maria!


Barin is continuing its work to improve universal accessibility in the metro system. Construction started a month ago for the addition of 3 new elevators at Villa Maria along with other improvements to serve the entire NDG population. The constraints are significant: The small size and complexity of the site, the deep configuration of the station and the need to add natural ventilation all the while maintaining function of the metro while the work is carried out.

BARIN Wins Modular Emergency Room Addition at Valleyfield’s Suroît Regional Hospital


The Montérégie-Ouest Integrated Health and Social Services Centre (CISSS) is planning to develop a modular complex on the site of the Suroît Hospital in Valleyfield, directly linked to the emergency department. This project will include: a short-stay unit of 20 beds, 10 brief term hospitalization units, a new access between the modular unit and the Emergency Department and the redevelopment of parking and related vehicular access.

The construction site at Préfontaine Metro station is underway!


A dedicated BARIN team located in a STM project office is working hard to make metro stations universally accessible to people with reduced mobility. The identified challenges are large and include, logistical, technical, human and architectural undertakings. In addition to adding elevators, other interventions are planned to facilitate the use of the metro for all people in an inclusive way. Respect for the original building’s exceptional architecture was, and is, at the heart of our design decisions.For more information: project info & STM

BARIN Welcomes a Director of Accounting to the Firm!


Viviana Salcedo has over 8 years of experience in general accounting and administration. She will be responsible for the complete accounting cycle and for developing, monitoring and planning financial reporting. She will also ensure sound budget management and implement efficient accounting processes. We are delighted to welcome her to the team!

BARIN Wins Concordia Expansion Project


The project involves the transformation of an area of approximately 1,700 m2 in the basement of Concordia’s Faubourg building into 10 classrooms. This is a key project in Concordia University’s strategic plan to renovate and upgrade the Hall Building, which houses a large majority of downtown classrooms. These new classes at the FB SS1 will replace those at the Hall during its renovations and will be used on a permanent basis to meet the increased teaching needs of the University.

Another ‘’Architectural’’ Volleyball Match!


Jodoin Lamarre et Pratte Architectes took first place on the volleyball court recently as Montreal architects and engineers got together for a little good-spirited competition. Participating offices included: JLP, MSDL, NEUF, PRA, GKC, SDK, BPA, BBBL, Lemay, Aedifica, Sid Lee, Evoq, YMA and our roommates and family members AECO Project Management! Sadly, our BARIN team lost in the small final against JLP’s Team. Bravo Jodoin Lamarre et Pratte!

Saint-Jérôme Hospital Addition is Open for Patients!


Site supervision of the 41-bed expansion at Saint-Jérôme Hospital is now complete. BARIN played a dual role on the project, first as designer and architect for the building envelope and second as construction supervisor for the building’s interior finishing and envelope. A total of 16 beds for the Psychiatric Emergency Unit and 25 beds for coronary and cardiac care will reduce and improve congestion in the hospital’s overcrowded emergency room.

We’re on the List!


BARIN is proud to have been selected by the Trois-Lacs School Board to be part of their five-year bank of architectural professionals. Serving the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional County Municipality, the CSDTL has 25 elementary schools, three secondary schools and multiple training centres and related services.

A Director of Marketing & Communications for BARIN


Clara Legault has been with the firm for over 4 years and demonstrates a talent for managing the rapidly evolving demands of the company’s marketing efforts. With a background in creative writing and graphic design, Clara will be responsible for creating and implementing the firm’s marketing and communications strategies, the development of the firm’s internal and external support materials, and the management of its marketing and communications staff.

A Renaissance at Saint-Noël-Chabanel School


The demolition for the major restoration of the Découvreurs Pavilion (building of origin) of the Saint-Noël-Chabanel School has begun. Constructed in 1958, this ‘‘Streamline Style’’ building now requires envelope and structural repair, and renovation of its gymnasium wing, which includes locker rooms and administrative offices.

Spring Fever has Arrived at BARIN!


Our gang could not be more excited to start our seasonal bi-weekly lunch-hour run! A healthy body supports mood and energy level and helps to make those deadlines less daunting ?.

An Intermediate Care Facility for the Lanaudière Region


The CISSS de Lanaudière wants to create 96 intermediate care beds to meet the needs in the southern part of the Lanaudière territory. The 96 places are divided into 6 islets (households) of 16 places each. Each floor is made up of 2 islands that are organized around a centralized service centre. The public space and common areas are located on the ground floor and give access to a large garden and outdoor terraces. Bright living spaces are centralized in the islets to allow residents to gather while alcoves and theme rooms are designed to attract and retain the resident with visual and tactile stimuli. Owners / Operators of La Ressource de Lanaudière: Yves Bonneville – Denis Tremblay – Sébastien Barrett

Demolition Has Begun for Concordia’s Archive Project!


This interior design and refurbishment project, awarded to BARIN following a call for tenders based on quality standards, consists of creating a new centralized archive area to consolidate the existing archives dispersed throughout a variety of buildings belonging to Concordia. This “vault” addresses security concerns and climate control that are essential for the preservation of the historical archives of Concordia University.

A New Partner at BARIN


We are delighted to announce the appointment of Yanick Lesage as Partner on the BARIN team. As Senior Architect with over 20 years experience, Yanick has worked as a design architect and project manager on multiple large-scale projects in the transportation, education, commercial and residential sectors. Recognized for his ability to find innovative answers within pre-established financial parameters, Yanick Lesage stands out for his knowledge of building regulations as well as for his leadership qualities.

Eye Clinic Study for the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital


The CISSS de Lanaudière plans to proceed with renovations to the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital in order to host an eye clinic. Spaces currently designed for offices will be redeveloped to accommodate a reception station, a waiting room, examination rooms for various uses, a mini operating room for cataracts and other related spaces.

Not for the Faint of Heart!


Designed by architect Roland Dumais and inaugurated in 1970, this brutalist-style building is requiring major renovation of its concrete facades. BARIN is overseeing the judicious repair and restoration of this heritage building, the second campus for the HEC (École des Hautes études commerciales) de Montréal. This world-renowned French-language university offers management education and research and has been training future managers who contribute to our society’s growth and prosperity, since 1907.

Metro Blue Line Extension


Barin / Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes en consortium have won the bid for work on the extension of the Metro’s Blue Line. The project includes the addition of 5 new metro stations and Phase I’s mandate includes the technical specifications and the inputs required for tender.

CIUSSS Centre-Sud Accessibility Study


Following the introduction and enforcement of Law 10, all CISSS and CIUSSS, as a result of their status as public bodies, have the new obligation to produce an action plan for persons with disabilities. The mandate of this project is to provide a reliable picture of the physical condition of the buildings that make up their real estate holdings in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities along the barrier-free path.

Saint-Noël-Chabanel School’s Phase I


(Équipe BARIN SMITH VIGEANT architectes) École Saint-Noël-Chabanel, in the Saint-Michel Nord district, is one of the largest primary schools of the CSDM. It consists of two pavilions separated by 25th Avenue. The last addition was built in 2015 and the original in 1958. This first phase includes the refurbishment of the rear facade, including masonry replacement, insulation and waterproofing work, replacement of doors, frames and curtain walls, replacement of the gymnasium roof, and the redesign and upgrade of all its interior finishes. Phase II, which will consist of a complete interior renovation of the school of origin, will follow in 2020.

The STM is on the Move!


BARIN is involved in the relocation of certain parts painting equipment for the STM workshops. This relocation will support the construction of the new STM complex. The services thus relocated will free the old buildings destined to be demolished in order to make room for the new complex. The relocation of these services also makes it possible to modernize and consolidate existing facilities.

The Barin/Aeco Christmas Family Photo


This year, ‘’the more the merrier’’ meant joining together with our other friends and colleagues of Aeco Project Management. Our annual Christmas Party theme this year was a masquerade including cocktails, dinner, mystery games and tearing up the dance floor until the wee hours!

Residence Ste-Rose is Progressing!


The expansion of this intermediate care senior’s residence is well underway with completion geared for spring 2019! The existing complex consists of two adjoining buildings, the smaller and older of which, demolished and replaced with a new and improved 6-storey building. It offers 105 units for autonomous as well as semi-autonomous living, a dementia wing, resident services on the ground floor level, as well as underground parking.

Elevator Additions at Jolicoeur Station


With the aim of making public transit accessible to people with reduced mobility, the STM has launched the tender for two elevator additions at the Jolicoeur metro station. The plans and specifications for this project were prepared at the Metro Fixed Equipment Project Office by BARIN.

10 Years is Something to Celebrate!


We all raised a glass to celebrate Julie Carrier’s, Alejandro Ortega’s and Éric Tessier’s 10-year milestone recently. Barin’s team expressed their personal appreciation for each of them in the form of a dedication display, with personalized notes and tributes and last but not least an inscribed trophy! Each one has made an immeasurable contribution to the success of the firm! Here’s to another 20 years at least!

Elevator Additions at Angrignon Station


The STM has launched the tender for the addition of two elevators at the Angrignon metro station. The plans and specifications for this project were prepared at the Metro Fixed Equipment Project Office by BARIN. This expansion project aims to make the station accessible to people with reduced mobility.

BARIN Welcomes Jordane Bourassa as
Director of HR & Business Development


We are excited to welcome Jordane to the team! Her role will include the maintenance and development of processes for a variety of HR aspects such as compensation, benefits, health and safety etc. She will support the team by devising strategies for performance evaluation, staffing, training and development etc., and will oversee all HR initiatives, systems and events! In addition, she will be responsible for the consolidation of existing customers and development of new business relationships. Welcome aboard Jordane!

Envelope Restoration for Four CSDM Schools


BARIN was commissioned to restore the envelopes of four schools of the CSDM, three of which have exceptional heritage value. Most are constructed of original massive brick walls with entrances in stone, limestone and sandstone, ornamented with bas and high relief. They are École Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, École Internationale de Montréal, and École Dollard-Des-Ormeaux. The fourth school, Victor-Rousselot, was built in 1971 in the modern architectural style.

Horsing Around at our Weekend Retreat!


The entire BARIN team headed east to the Townships for the weekend where we tested our go-kart track design, hiked to a summit, explored the Foresta Lumina, enjoyed a pool and a hot tub, cooked together, ate together, and played together! Such a treat to change our rhythm!

Cinéma Moderne is Open for Business!


The 54-seat boutique cinema and café-bar on boul. St-Laurent near Laurier, includes a post production studio for Dolby Atmos sound and colour and will serve as a venue for arthouse films and presentations by current directors. (Read more)

A Facelift for HEC – Côte-Ste-Catherine


The repair of the masonry of this building by architect Dan Hanganu has been completed with care and success. The postmodern, neo-brutalist building was built in 1996 to accommodate the increasing enrollment at HEC Montréal. This French-language university business school is recognized around the world as a leader in teaching programs and management research.

We came in 5th Place!


Thank you to all the organizers of the Dragon Boat activity for this beautiful afternoon outing! Each year, we improve as BARIN manages to climb a position in the standings! Congratulations to BLTA-JBC for first place! We could say that the finals were very tight!

The École Ste-Marie Addition is Proceeding on Schedule


The exterior envelope work of the addition is nearing completion and the interior renovations to the existing building will be ready for the start of the new year 2019. We are on schedule!

St-Jérôme Hospital Addition is Well Underway!


The foundation and steel structure are being installed for the addition of 41 beds (16 beds for psychiatric emergency and 25 beds for coronary and cardiac care) at the St-Jérôme Hospital. The delivery of the project is scheduled for the end of December 2018.

Institut Teccart Brossard Expands


BARIN has been commissioned to do a preliminary feasibility study for a 40,000 sq. ft addition to the existing Teccart Institute in Brossard. The 5 or 6 storey building will offer an additional 10 classrooms, 4 labs and a top floor mezzanine cafeteria with views of the beautiful new Champlain bridge!

The CSDM’s Modular Classrooms are near Completion!


The temporary modular classes added to the Marie-Favery and St-Gabriel-Lalemant schools are near completion and will be ready for the start of the new school year in August! The existing trees were successfully preserved and a visual barrier will be created by a green fence. We are now just awaiting installation of the colourful fibre cement panels and the job will be complete!

Long-Term Care Services for the Laurentian Region


The CISSS des Laurentides wishes to acquire residential and long-term care services to meet needs in the southwestern part of the region.  The proposed project offers a capacity of 99 places, or 3 units of 33 beds each.

Brazilian Churrasco at BARIN’S Annual BBQ!


This special treat, prepared by André Felipe and Carlos Cesar Schneider,  included a variety of meats, beef, sausage and chicken cooked on a purpose-built “churrasqueira”, a barbecue grill with supports for spits or skewers. The slow roast over real wood charcoal offered flavour beyond compare. And the company was great too!

St-Noël-Chabanel Elementary School to Undergo a Major Restoration


BARIN, in consortium with Smith Vigeant Architectes, has been awarded the mandate for the major restoration of the Decouvreurs Pavilion (building of origin) of the St-Noël-Chabanel School. The program consists of envelope and structural repair, renovation of gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms and administrative offices.

A New Contract for the Commission scolaire de Laval


Our firm has been retained by the Commission scolaire de Laval as architectural professionals for a mandate of asset maintenance for a period of three years.

Teccart Institute Expands it’s Campus


Present in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve for more than sixty years, the TECCART Institute is a subsidized private college that offers technical training at the college level. In addition to the sectors of Industrial Electrical Engineering and New Information and Communication Technologies, the Institute added training programs in fashion design and trade, interior design, advertising design and 3D animation design. In order to accommodate the growing demands of enrollment, BARIN will be renovating its current premises at 3030 Hochelaga, and 2995 and 2975 on the north side, as well as designing a new addition which will join together two of the existing buildings.

Five New Preschool Classrooms for École Marc-Favreau


With the increased demand for student placement and the school’s lack of property available for development, an annexed school nearby is the logical solution for accommodating the 130-student increase. BARIN has been mandated to design five preschool classrooms and an indoor activity room in this 700m2 existing building as well as a modest sized outdoor playground to meet the physical activity needs of the preschool children.

BARIN’S Office Expansion is Complete – With a Disco?


Yes indeed! Why not?

Atwill Morin Builds from Scratch!


The Atwill-Morin Group specializes in the repair and restoration of existing masonry structures for commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and heritage projects in both Quebec and Ontario. The group has recently taken on an unusual project in the development of their own property near the Angus Yards in Montreal’s East end, and BARIN will be collaborating with them on it. The goal will be the creation of a 5 storey 52,000 sq. ft. mixed-use building with offices and commercial space on the ground floor.

A New Cinema for the Mile End


BARIN is collaborating with Cinéma Moderne, to create a 60-seat boutique cinema with a café-bar on boul. St-Laurent near Laurier. The project includes a post production studio for color and Dolby Atmos sound and will be a venue for arthouse films and presentations by current directors.

Super Volleyball Tournament 2018


Thank you to all the organizers and for the formidable challenge put forth by the many notable Montreal architectural, project management and engineering firms. BARIN, true to form, participated in the final of pool “B” but lost to BPA by 2 points … We could say that the engineers had the best of us!

Photo : Patrick-Hugh Tiernnan

BARIN’S Office Expansion is Underway


Our team keeps expanding and so do our offices! Our latest office renovation is well underway and will be ready for occupation in a week or two. Flexibility and adaptation is the key!

BARIN Wins Contract for the Old Port of Montreal


The Old Port of Montréal Corporation manages, develops and holds activities on a large urban site which is dedicated to recreation, tourism and culture. The site houses the Quays of the Old Port of Montréal and the Montréal Science Centre. BARIN is happy to announce that they have been added to the Corporation’s list of professionals until 2021!

A New Alzheimer’s Home in Verdun


Inspired by a Dutch concept, the new “Alzheimer’s Home’’ Maison l’étincelle,  welcomes residents into a framed yet flexible environment. A park with lush greenery and a café bistro line the walls of the corridor and a warm yet trendy dining room with a library and fireplace create a warm and welcoming destination. Each of the private rooms are personalized to the occupant’s interests: Montreal Canadian’s colours for a hockey fan, a nature décor for a fishing enthusiast. Addressing their loss of time and space, this ‘’fabricated’’ environment gives the residents the impression of living in a large house in an urban setting with a view through its false windows. Read more

Another Evening out at the Sugar Shack!


There’s nothing like a crackling fire, good food and great company to end a busy week. Winter’s silver lining!

Résidence St-Rose Construction Begins


The expansion of this senior’s residence has begun in earnest! The existing complex consists of two adjoining buildings, the smaller and older of which will be demolished and replaced with a new and improved 7-storey building offering 107 units with resident services on the ground floor level.

A New Safe Injection Site for Ontario Street


A new safe injection site, Spectre de Rue, has opened on Ontario near Panet Street. It is the fourth of its kind to open in Montreal since last June. The clinic-style site offers a supervised, safe environment for drug users, supplying them with clean needles and their safe disposal, reducing exposure to the associated risks of intravenous drug use and alleviating the potential hazards to the public.

Feasibility Study for la Grande Bibliothèque


This material and sun study aims at evaluating the impact of the expansion of the BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) on the surrounding built environment. The exercise makes it possible to analyze the projected shading of this new volume according to the number of floors, and to demonstrate how it successfully harmonizes with the neighbourhood’s existing buildings.

O Cartier Condominiums are Completed!


Construction is completed at O Cartier, a luxury 15-floor, 153-unit residential building, distinguished by its ecological approach.

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