Elevator Additions at Jolicoeur Station


With the aim of making public transit accessible to people with reduced mobility, the STM has launched the tender for two elevator additions at the Jolicoeur metro station. The plans and specifications for this project were prepared at the Metro Fixed Equipment Project Office by BARIN.


10 Years is Something to Celebrate!


We all raised a glass to celebrate Julie Carrier’s, Alejandro Ortega’s and Éric Tessier’s 10-year milestone recently. Barin’s team expressed their personal appreciation for each of them in the form of a dedication display, with personalized notes and tributes and last but not least an inscribed trophy! Each one has made an immeasurable contribution to the success of the firm! Here’s to another 20 years at least!


Elevator Additions at Angrignon Station


The STM has launched the tender for the addition of two elevators at the Angrignon metro station. The plans and specifications for this project were prepared at the Metro Fixed Equipment Project Office by BARIN. This expansion project aims to make the station accessible to people with reduced mobility.


BARIN Welcomes Jordane Bourassa as Director of HR & Business Development


We are excited to welcome Jordane to the team! Her role will include the maintenance and development of processes for a variety of HR aspects such as compensation, benefits, health and safety etc. She will support the team by devising strategies for performance evaluation, staffing, training and development etc., and will oversee all HR initiatives, systems and events! Welcome aboard Jordane!


Envelope Restoration for Four CSDM Schools


BARIN was commissioned to restore the envelopes of four schools of the CSDM, three of which have exceptional heritage value. Most are constructed of original massive brick walls with entrances in stone, limestone and sandstone, ornamented with bas and high relief. They are École Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, École Internationale de Montréal, and École Dollard-Des-Ormeaux. The fourth school, Victor-Rousselot, was built in 1971 in the modern architectural style.


Horsing Around at our Weekend Retreat!


The entire BARIN team headed east to the Townships for the weekend where we tested our go-kart track design, hiked to a summit, explored the Foresta Lumina, enjoyed a pool and a hot tub, cooked together, ate together, and played together! Such a treat to change our rhythm!