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Elevator Additions at Jolicoeur Station

With the aim of making public transit accessible to people with reduced mobility, the STM has launched the tender for two elevator additions at the Jolicoeur metro station. The plans and specifications for this project were prepared at the Metro Fixed Equipment Project Office by BARIN.

Elevator Additions at Jolicoeur Station2018-12-17T16:07:30-04:00

BARIN Wins Contract for the Old Port of Montreal

The Old Port of Montréal Corporation manages, develops and holds activities on a large urban site which is dedicated to recreation, tourism and culture. The site houses the Quays of the Old Port of Montréal and the Montréal Science Centre. BARIN is happy to announce that they have been added to the Corporation’s list of professionals until 2021!

BARIN Wins Contract for the Old Port of Montreal2018-06-15T11:17:13-04:00

A New Alzheimer’s Home in Verdun

Inspired by a Dutch concept, the new "Alzheimer's Home’’ Maison l’étincelle,  welcomes residents into a framed yet flexible environment. A park with lush greenery and a café bistro line the walls of the corridor and a warm yet trendy dining room with a library and fireplace create a warm and welcoming destination. Each of the private rooms are personalized to the occupant’s interests: Montreal Canadian’s colours for a hockey fan, a nature décor for a fishing enthusiast. Addressing their loss of time and space, this ‘’fabricated’’ environment gives the residents the impression of living in a large house in an urban setting with a view through its false windows. Read more

A New Alzheimer’s Home in Verdun2018-10-02T12:58:17-04:00

A New Safe Injection Site for Ontario Street

A new safe injection site, Spectre de Rue, has opened on Ontario near Panet Street. It is the fourth of its kind to open in Montreal since last June. The clinic-style site offers a supervised, safe environment for drug users, supplying them with clean needles and their safe disposal, reducing exposure to the associated risks of intravenous drug use and alleviating the potential hazards to the public.



A New Safe Injection Site for Ontario Street2018-05-28T16:35:11-04:00

Feasibility Study for la Grande Bibliothèque

This material and sun study aims at evaluating the impact of the expansion of the BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) on the surrounding built environment. The exercise makes it possible to analyze the projected shading of this new volume according to the number of floors, and to demonstrate how it successfully harmonizes with the neighbourhood’s existing buildings.

Feasibility Study for la Grande Bibliothèque2018-04-19T14:55:46-04:00

Feasibility Study for Vanier College Sports Complex

Vanier College wishes to redevelop, upgrade and renovate its sports facilities in order to offer students and their external clients, quality equipment and facilities in accordance with existing standards. A feasibility study will include a two-story addition, a new glass roof, upgrade of floor coverings, and optimization of ventilation for the sports complex. As well, the addition of 1000-seat stadium bleacher with a press gallery for the synthetic field will be reviewed.

Feasibility Study for Vanier College Sports Complex2018-04-17T16:20:25-04:00